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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is an effective means to discover the “core” emotional and/or behavioral responses to life challenges.  The responses, to the challenges are often unknown... residing in the subconscious mind.  Through moving into a deep relaxing state, connection to this part of the mind allows an uncovering, an understanding of the challenges.  As a result, healthy beliefs about self as well as new choices about behaviors can take place. Sessions are amazingly insightful and includes beautiful integration experiences (i.e. inner child work, energy work, retrieval of positive soul aspects, formation of affirmations and support activities for daily use, and more).

Are you ready to experience:

  • Healthy relationships and control in your life

  • Identification of personal blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Greater emotional ease, mental clarity, physical relaxation and deepen your spiritual connection?

Schedule an appointment to begin your discovery.

Hypnotherapy may benefit you if you’ve experienced:

  • Over dependence on others to make decisions for you

  • Adverse effects of stress

  • Over-eating, bulimia, anorexia

  • Feelings of: shame, guilt, anger, depression, loneliness, “feeling not good enough”, “unworthy” or fear that can’t be explained or resolved

  • Feeling like the victim, creating harmful experiences for yourself/others or often in the role of “rescuer”

Past Life Regression Therapy as a part of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® can help address the challenges mentioned above and so much more.

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