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Available for your use are these resources that you are welcome to use and share.


Estuary Center

Estuary is a beautiful, holistic collection of a diverse group of independent practitioners. Support modalities of a broad spectrum are offered by a collective of gifted, conscious and experienced  professionals to meet your mind, body and spirit goals for wellbeing.


Be Meditation

A novel on-line, virtual meditation center offering 30-minute video and live-streaming meditation classes of every description. Longer meditation sits, special classes and events are available. A variety of subscription opportunities are available.  Explore the website, register for a free one-week Be experience…you’ll be delighted you did!

Open Hands

Conscious Menu for Daily Living

To support moving through your day in harmonic and mindful ways.


Offering:  A lovely way to maintain and enhance a state of well-being, a sense of balance, harmony, inspiration, staying grounded, connected with self/others, your Spiritual Connection and so much more is listed in this document.  


Benefits of a conscious, long, deep breath

Breathing is the single most important action we engage in daily! It supports our cells, organs and body systems; sustains, energizes and harmonizes us while providing enhancement in a myriad of other ways, too.  It’s helpful to be mindful of your breath and practice techniques that will offer great benefit.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation
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