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In-spired Art

Inspired Art – Art from the Heart!

The varying personalities and life experiences of an individual being viewed by current self as the Soul and High Vibrational Being observes.

In-Spired Art is a method to bring spirit inspiration to the artist through meditative techniques.  This inspiration through channeling and connecting with the subject’s soul essence results in a tangible and personalized art rendering.  Using beautiful soft pastels on paper, a Soul Portrait is depicted displaying images, shapes and meaningful color.  

Your soul will be touched when presented with your unique In-Spired Art.  Recipients are given an audio recording interpreting the channeled Soul Portrait.  Many use their Soul Portraits to further inspire their personal journey, foster deeper meditation practices and spiritual awakening, as a means to connect with angels and guides or providing clarity related to spiritual concepts and attributes (i.e. love, joy, wisdom, gratitude, etc.).

Renée is a Certified Entura Artist and trained by Patricia Hayes, Founder of Delphi University.  Nearing completion of a Masters Degree in Entura Art Transpersonal & Psychospiritual Studies, Renée was selected by Patricia Hayes to be a part of the research team utilizing this modality and sound as a healing tool for clients desiring deeper understanding and resolution to personal life challenges.

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