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A system of transcendent healing

RO-HUN™️ is primarily an energy based system that blends spiritual and psychological techniques.  Through the release of negative energies, mental, emotional and physical blocks (located in the unconscious mind, major chakras and subtle energy field) heightened improvement can be experienced in:

  • The Human Body and Human Energy Field

  • Clearing Faulty Thoughts,

  • Self Concept, Compassion, Understanding and Love for Self and Others

  • Memories of Past Experiences

  • Awakening Sensitivities and Inner Resources

  • Expansion of Knowledge and Wisdom

  • Thoughts and Feelings About Life

  • Sub-Personalities (i.e. The Frightened, Unworthy, Helpless and Judging Self)

A state of deep relaxation is facilitated, allowing unconscious thoughts, beliefs  and non-productive behaviors to surface.  These experiences are recognized through symbols, metaphors and feeling states registered in the body.  Once identified, a translation of the experience and relevance to the day-to-day experience is available.  This makes ready the opportunity to release the energetic and/or psychological connection to the beliefs, patterns and ways of behaving …. and therefore promoting heightened insights, positive shifts and access to personal and spiritual growth.

If you experience thoughts that create negative internal and external behaviors related to feelings of:

  • Isolation

  • Self-doubt

  • Self-hatred

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Guilt Isolation

  • Longing

  • Shame

  • Death Urges

  • Addictive Behavior

  • Co-dependency

  • Inability to Give or Receive Love

  • Absence of God or a Spiritual Connection …and More, then RoHun will benefit you.

Dr. Garrick is a Master level RoHun Therapist. Sessions are available to individuals in the following:

  • RoHun Cards

  • RoHun Purification

  • RoHun Shadow/Caged One Processes

  • Origins and Seven Visions of Self Processes

  • Androgynous and Divine Mother Processes

  • Mysteries of Male/Female Healing

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