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Transpersonal Modalities

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual purpose is? Have you identified and are aware of how to listen for clear ways to express your unique and sacred gifts, talents and abilities? Are you ready to create coherence between your pre-birth plan and your day-to-day life? Transpersonal Modalities offers opportunities to experience all of this and more.  These beautiful soul sessions supports guidance beyond the personality self (ego) that gets stuck, struggles, creates unhealthy experiences and faulty thinking (ego) and “blind spots” to a state of coherence with the wise, universal essence… your True and Authentic Soul Self. 


The acknowledgment, knowing and integration of the Soul Self supports living from an elevated awareness of purpose, a place of unity, harmony and oneness… individually and with others.  Techniques such as advanced pranayama, exploring the superconscious mind, energy and Lightwork, the awareness of your “soul self” resulting from your birth information, meditations, teachings from Ageless Wisdom studies/luminaries and other esoteric modalities are integrated to guide clients to BE their Authentic Self.

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