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Offering transpersonal and transformative therapies and workshops to support you to

Remember you are the Light!

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Dr. Renée Garrick

Dr. Renée Garrick has an extensive background in multiple holistic and transpersonal therapy modalities.  For more than 25 years, she has maintained a private practice that serves young children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Dr. Garrick has supported this diverse population incorporating many esoteric traditions, western and eastern philosophies and wisdom teachings.  Among the many modalities employed in individual sessions is Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™; Ro-Hun™, a transpersonal and spiritual psychotherapy modality; as well as a blend of subtle energy techniques and soul-mind-body systems. These varying methods and more are used to support clients accomplish their unique wellness goals.

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"I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Renee Garrick; quite simply she is the truth. Dr. Garrick has worked with the annual Then The Sun Rose Women's Retreat on several occasions; each time was a purely magical experience that led to transformations for those in attendance..."

S. Akilah Shabazz, Atty./Founder of Then The Sun Rose, LLC

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